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jack ludwig

The tall guy in the secondlast photo is Paul Klass the tallest, loudest, bigest fresser, laugher in the Klass-Dolgin clan. The woman next to Uncle Dave in two of the shots may be (no bets on it) Rosa Klass Ostrinski; I don't find Ysak Isaak Hestrin in these pictures, and Ysak and Rosa were always present at Dolgin bashes. The lady with the mandolin I would say is Fanny Klass Chess who also played the piano when Zena sang or Abram Dobrushyn (Dobbs) played the flute.

Marc Dolgin

I'm not sure if the dates make any sense, but the woman on the right, third picture from the top has a passing resemblance to Baillie Tolkein, Allan Klass' daughter, now living in France.

Randy Konigsberg

I am following with much interest. My Mother is The Daughter of Sally/Sara Solomon, a one time wife of Israel Dolgin. They Married in 1924 Anne Ruthie, was born 1925. I don't know much of The Family. I'm starting to form a Family Tree, I have a Sister, my Mom is Living in California, and is 87 years old. I have more questions, but don't where to ask. I'm wondering, what was going on, when My Mom was Born, the same year, both Ester Bulcher Dolgin, and Isaac Dolgin both passed that same year? Was it connected in any way? I haven't even looked at a Map yet, to see where Zaporizhzhya is, or was. If you send a Hello, Subject it Dolgin, to get my attention.God Bless Bless I send Love ♥

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