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jack ludwig

from top, call it #1: my father, Misha Ludwig, with son, my brother Bobby on shoulders; Israel Dolgin with hand on shoulder of new wife Sarah Sally Solomon Dolgin, next to her, Joe Dolgin, baseball glove around his sister Fanny, my mother.
#2: Dave Dolgin, Sarah Sally, my hatted father Misha, israel and Fanny below them.
#3: Joseph Litvak, my father Misha, Joe Dolgin, my mother Fanny, Israel Dolgin in knickers.
#4. Dancers, Sarah Sally with Dave Dolgin, Misha with beaming Fanny.
#5: too dark to be sure.
#6: beautiful Babbe Esther Blucher Dolgin with her first grandchild, my brother Bobby Ludwig.
#7: snowsurrounded Dolgin house on Selkirk Ave.
#8: Dave Dolgin holding my brother Bobby, Dave's first nephew.
#9: Misha with witerized son, Bobby
#10: my father Misha Ludwig on his bike

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